Utility & Off Grid

As well as offering commercial grid connected PV solar systems, we also have experienced engineers and technicians who are able to design and install large scale utility & off-grid battery systems for remote locations. 

Our expertise and experience has been employed for projects in Europe, Asia and in the South Pacific.  No matter where your site or your requirements, you can be confident that solar can be used as a reliable power supply and investment.

Chon Buri Solar Farm

Pattaya, Chon Buri Provence, Thailand

Modules: 44,100 Monocrystalline modules

Solar Inverters: SMA Sunny Central 800CP x 9

Client: Chon Buri Solar Farm
Pattaya, Chon Buri Provence, Thailand

In early 2011 eco‐Kinetics secured a contract to build, supply and operate an 8MW Solar Farm in Thailand. The plant has been funded by CBD Energy and a range of prominent private business groups in Thailand, and includes a power purchase agreement with Thailand’s electricity authority, Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand.
Investment in renewable energy has been sparked by the Thai government’s announcement of its intention to source 20 per cent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020, a similar target to the UK, Europe & Australia’s, and includes a range of tax incentives to attract investment in its renewable energy sector.

The first stage of the project was commissioned in November 2011. Located in Pattaya, Chonburi province, the 8MW Solar Farm covers 84 rai (approx. 134,000 m2) of previously non-productive farmland and is comprised of 9 x SMA Sunny Central 800CP inverters, 44,100 leading‐edge EcoKES mono-crystalline modules and over 18.5 kilometres of ground-mount frames. The extreme Thai heat isn’t an issue for the inverters due to SMAs innovative “OptiCool” cooling system that allows these inverters to operate at full nominal power when ambient temperatures are up to 50°C. To maximise efficiency, Tianwei 800kVA / 11kV grid transformers were paired to each inverter thereby reducing cable losses and increasing electricity injection into the grid. Comprehensive on-site and remote monitoring of the plant ensures that the 44,100 modules are working to peak performance at all times.

The 8MW Solar Power Plant is estimated to produce approximately 11,000MWh of electricity annually.

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