Birchwood Leisure Centre

Birchwood Leisure Centre, Herts

Size: 50 kWp System

Modules: 240W

Inverter: SMA 15000TL x 3

Annual Output: 41900kWh/year

Eco-Kinetics was approached by the site manager to see if solar could help contribute towards an energy efficiency initiative that had been implemented at the centre. We were asked to provide the best possible solution and business case for a roof mounted system across the roof space available at the site. The approved system design of three arrays was installed across south, east & west facing roof pitches providing a long period of operation over the day. Coupled with other energy saving measures already implemented at the site, the centre has dramatically increased the energy efficiency of the building and provided a reliable green source of energy for the future.

The system comprising of modules is mounted to an aluminium trapezoidal mounting system. 3x SMA 15000TL three phase inverters were installed and connect to the existing electrical infrastructure via a new distribution board. An SMA Webbox and 3G router were installed as part of the installation to enable the client and our O&M team to track the performance of the system in real time.

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