Sluice Farm & Commercial Complex

Sluice Farm & Commercial Complex, Ipswich, Suffolk

Size: 148 kWp

Modules – 672x 220W Eoplly Poly-Crystalline

Solar Inverters – 7x SMA STP20000TL-20

The first installation funded by Secured Energy Bonds Plc (, “Sluice Farm”, was commissioned on December 6th, 2013. Construction started 15th November, months of careful project planning resulted in an extremely short construction period of only 11 days and minimal disruption to commercial operations on site.

An estimated 125MWh of electricity will be produced by the system annually; electricity will be injected directly into the local LV network providing power to an ever expanding community of small businesses located at the site. Arrays are spread over both east and west sides of the roof and feed energy to seven inverters located in a dedicated equipment room within the building. Low array pitch and east / west orientations mean extremely high energy production during the summer months helping to reduce the environmental impact of refrigeration equipment at the site. While electricity export is expected in the first year, renovation of the building is underway and it is envisaged that all generated power will be consumed in the near future.

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