Ground Mount System

Ground Mount System

Size: 50 kWp System

Modules: 220W

Inverter: SMA 15000TL x 3

Annual Output: 48300kWh/year

After initially enquiring about installing solar panels to his farm buildings, the client expressed interest in the possibility of installing a ground mounted system that could provide shelter for his sheep as well as provide electricity for the site. Several designs were produced for various sized arrays with a 50kWp array being chosen for maximum efficiency and yield.

During the design process the client expressed interest in installing his own mounting posts and tilt beams which would be more sympathetic to the surroundings, rather than using a pre-manufactured system. Our in-house engineers worked closely with the client and provided detailed drawings which were used to manufacture posts of the correct dimensions. Once the posts and tilted beams were installed, our installation team fixed in place aluminium mounting rails and a cable containment system which would provide safe routing for the DC cabling. The inverters and distribution equipment were mounted to steel frame work underneath the rear of the two arrays.

A new armoured cable was trenched and installed from the distribution board mounted at the rear of the array to the incoming supply position at the site. An SMA Webbox was also fitted to relay data via a GSM mobile connection to the client and our O&M team, enabling us to monitor the system, ensuring that maximum performance is achieved at all times.

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