Kitts End Farm

Kitts End Farm

Size: 10 kWp System

Modules: 245W

Inverter: SMA 8000TL

Annual Output: 8600kWh/year

The system comprising of 245W panels is mounted to an aluminium rolling ridge mounting system and is installed to an existing barn that has been converted to a commercial unit. Upon carrying out our initial survey we discovered that the building structure was made of concrete, as a result additional wooden purlins were installed prior to the installation of the mounting system to enable the fixing of the mounting bolts. This work was co-ordinated with the tenant so as to cause minimum disruption to their business activities. The electricity generated by the system will be sold to the tenant currently occupying the building, providing the client with an additional source of income.

The system is served by an SMA 8000TL three phase inverter, which was connected to the client’s electrical system via a new distribution board.

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