Horseshoe Wood Farm

Horseshoe Wood Farm

Size: 10 kWp System

Modules: 230W

Inverter: SMA 8000TL

Annual Output: 8580kWh/year

The client approached eco-Kinetics after discovering the large reduction in cost of commercial systems had provided a good opportunity to secure a respectable long term financial return.

As is typical of 1970’s agricultural farm buildings, it was discovered that the rafters and purlins were constructed of concrete which provided an issue with the mounting of the system. Our design team provided a solution which involved the installation of new wooden purlins, these were integrated into the existing structure and as well as providing an anchor point for the mounting system, gave extra rigidity to existing structure.

The system comprises of 230W panels mounted in landscape formation to an aluminium mounting system. The project was completed in 2 days by a team of 3 installers; the total project time from concept design to commissioning was two weeks.

The system will generate around 8,580kWh/ year & save nearly 4.5 Tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

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